Taking Video Game Events to the Next Level


Here is what makes us unique

X the Raccoon

A gaming event where everyone has the opportunity to earn rewards and prizes based on their skills

Rekt the Badger

Compete against other gamers, get EXP Points, and claim your title as the best

Ty the Hedgehog

Broadening the horizon of e-sport competitions. A place for every type of gamer

Selina the puma

Multi-platform like no other event has ever seen


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Changing the way the audience interacts with e-sports and technology events.

We are a group of young entrepreneurs and gamers with different backgrounds united under a common goal, change how we interact with videogame events.

We set our goal to achieve an experience all gamers can relate to, it doesn't matter if you are all about levels, prestige and ranking, or a casual friday night gamer. We want you to have the event you deserve. A gamers' event made by gamers.

Instead of focusing on one or two games, we aim to bring all categories of competitive games under one roof, MOBAs, FPS, Fighting, Sports, RTS, they are all here for your delight.

Afraid you couldn't play against the best in each genre? You are not alone, that's why we are bringing both Amateur and Professional brackets to the scene. If, on the other hand, you feel you have what it takes to challenge the very best, we offer you a chance to compete against them and become a legend of your own.

  • 500+

    Over the last decade there have been over five hundred professional tournaments around the world.

  • 30+

    There are over thirty different games in the e-sports scene.

  • $ 250k+

    The average prize pool is two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

  • 1

    EXP Fest is the only event that will bring all these games into one place whilst changing the interactions between the audience and the tournament


Meet the EXP Development Team:
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Miguel PatiƱo

CEO & Founder
Migthelion lvl 105 Captain and Sauron Supporter

– Lord of the Rings Online
– Dota 2
– The Witcher 3

Favorite game EVER: Final Fantasy X
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Illustrator and Animator
MariAaaaaaAx10^6 Secretly finishes her brother’s Witcher 3 missions
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Creative Director
BigBoss, Dota 2 midlaner and youtube flamer
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Lead Designer
VenomAstra, Super Smash Rekter and Meme Machine
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Legal Consultant
OriOri, Justice League’s legal assitant and Jigglypuff main
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Chief Technology Officer
SaltDimension, Team Carry and Code Wizard


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